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Quoi de neuf au Geotop? What's up at Geotop?

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Dr. Fiona Darbyshire (Geotop-UQAM)

Using earthquakes to study continental structure and evolution

Mardi 14 novembre 2017 à 16h00/ Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 4:00pm

McGill U., Dep. of Earth and Planetary Science, 3450 rue Université, room FDA 232

Résumé / Abstract :

Although seismology is usually thought of as the study of earthquakes, it can also be applied to studies of Earth structure and dynamics using the seismic waves from earthquakes as an energy source. Over the course of my research career, I have been investigating the structure and evolution of continents, with particular emphasis on the eastern and northern Canadian Shield and Greenland. The studies require several years of earthquake recording by networks of seismograph stations distributed across the region of interest, and I have been involved in a number of initiatives to install short-term and long-term networks to complement existing permanent monitoring stations (e.g. the Canadian National Seismograph Network). Each recording of a distant earthquake contains a wide variety of information about Earth structure, which can be extracted using a number of different techniques. According to the type of seismic wave used and the technique applied, we can find out about the thickness and composition of the crust, the thickness of the continental lithosphere, the temperature of the mantle and the large-scale deformation history of the region.
In this talk I will give an overview of the seismic networks across eastern Canada and some of the recent discoveries made using the resulting seismic recordings.